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About the iHanuman Asana Index


Show Us Your Asana!

Help Us Yogi-Source Our Asana Index of Yoga!

We have created some guidelines and instructions for how to practice asana.  The seed for this asana index was planted by Yoga Dancer. Co-Founder, Sara Agelasto donated the first  Asana on her introductory syllabus and scoured the web for awesome photos of all the poses. These detailed instructions are inspired and influenced by the teachings in BKS Iyengar's Light on Yoga and Geeta Iyengar's, Yoga: A Gem for Women, and Yoga in Action: The Preliminary Course, Based on the Syllabus taught at the Ramamami Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. 

iHanuman, Co-Founder, Tilak Pyle, donated his Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide! And NOW we are yogi-sourcing the Asana Index. Join the Community and Contribute Asana Posts including images about the poses you practice. We ask that each of our teachers become Pandits to Sponsor an Asana. We are Yogi-Sourcing the asana index to help more people find more yoga teachers, studios and the teachings of yoga.


The iHanuman Asana Index is a Guideline. Practice Yoga at Your Own Risk. 

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