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Malasana 1

English Name: 
Garland Pose
Practice Type: 
Practice Level: 
Asana Image: 
Siegfried Bleher in Malasana
Asana Description: 

1. Squat on the haunches with the feet together; inner sides of the feet, thighs and calves touching. The soles and the heels should rest completely on the floor. Raise the seat from the floor and balance.

2. Stretch the arms forward, in line with the shoulders, the palms face the floor.

3. Take the arms backwards, hold the backs of the ankles. Separate the knees and stretch the spine forward. Stay in this posture for 10 - 15 seconds.

4. Take the arms behind the back and clasp your hands. Stretch the spine so that it is parallel to the floor.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

Tones Abdominal Organs and relieves backaches.

Removes arthritic pains of the knees and the ankles and is good for bleeding piles.

This pose is specifically recommended by Geeta Iyengar for regulating women's menstrual cycles.

Beginners Tips: 

Squeeze the knees together.

Lift the Side Waist. 

Modifications and Props : 

(a) with wall support for sacrum, arms extended parallel to the floor

(b) away from wall, heels rolled on a blanket, arms extended parallel to the floor, knees together.


For those who are overweight, practice with the arms forward.

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