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Foot and Big Toe Pose
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Asana Description: 

Stand in Tadasana. Bring the feet to hip distance apart.
Inhale hands to hips. Lift the chest.
Exhale, bend forward and grasp your big toes with your forefinger and thumb or use a strap. Inhale and draw the shoulder blades into the back and abdomen towards the spine.
Draw the kneecaps up and move the thighbones back.
Exhale and extend the spine downward continuing to draw the shoulder blades down the back. Elbows move toward the sides and up.
Inhale lift the chest back to concave. Exhale Hands to hips. Inhale bring the torso back up. Exhale the feet back together into Tadasana.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 


The abdominal organs are toned and digestive juices increased while the liver and the spleen are activated. 

Beginners Tips: 

Until you can reach the toes, hold the ankles.
Do not take the head to the knee by caving the chest. This causes cramps in the chest, abdomen and neck and causes headaches. 
Press into the the big toe to lift the arms. But do not grip the toes.
Lift the abodomen to get length.

Modifications and Props : 

Until you can reach the toes, hold the ankles.

Use a strap under the balls of the feet if you cannot reach the toes to feel the effects of the arms and shoulders in this pose.


Slipped spinal discs can only be adjusted in the concave back position. Do not bring your head in between the knees if displaced disc.


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