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English Name: 
Gate Latch Pose
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Parighasana, Adhara Yoga
Asana Description: 
  • Kneel on the floor with the ankles together.
  • Stretch the right leg sideways and turn the right foot out 90 degrees, extending the sole of the foot to the floor. 
  • Inhale extend the arms out to the side at chest height. 
  • Exhale extend the right arm, palm up to the right shin and extend the left arm over the ear. 
  • Inhale and draw the torso and arms back to center. 
  • Exhale bring the knee back underneath the hip and repeat on the other side.
Sanskrit Pronunciation: 
The pelvic region is extended and lubricated. The abdominal organs are toned. The sideways spinal movement is important for all spines and will help persons suffering from stiff backs.
Beginners Tips: 
Keep the shinbone, ankle and metatarsals of the bent knee pressed into the floor. 

Learn to open the chest with the arms spread. Learn to rotate the torso towards the ceiling. As you extend to the right, learn to keep your attention equally on the left and vice versa. Extend Toes and Sole of the extended leg Foot to the Floor.

Draw up on the the extended thigh to open back of knee.

Press into the shins to bring the Hips over knees.

Modifications and Props : 

Start with the knee bent at 90 degrees with the knee, ankle and shin in the same plane as the hip. Then extend the leg straight as instructed above.

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