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Urdhva Prasarita Padasana

English Name: 
Upward Extended Foot Pose
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Model: Sara Agelasto Credit: Peter Agelasto
Asana Description: 

Sit in Dandasana. Lie down on your back with your legs stretched straight, arms by the sides, palms face the ground.

Bend both the legs. Bring the heels towards the buttocks. Flex the legs at the hips. Bring the thighs towards the abdomen.

Exhale. Raise the legs to be perpendicular to the floor. Straighten the legs. Keep the hips and sacrum on the ground.

Exhale. Bend the legs. Bring the thighs toward the abdomen. Lower the feet and legs to the floor.


Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

This pose tones the waist, thighs, abdomen and abdominal organs.

Beginners Tips: 

Learn to maintain the chest open while keeping the face relaxed. Keep the lower back extended towards the tailbone during the movement of the legs.

Stretch the arms over the head, palms facing towards the ceiling to extend the sides of the trunk after the legs are raised.

Modifications and Props : 

If one is obese, be close to the wall and keep the legs up on the wall. Keep the buttocks on the wall and alternately take one foot at a time away from the wall. - Geeta Iyengar, Yoga A Gem for Women. 

Place a strap on the elbows to extend the elbows while the arms are overhead. 

Place the hands on a blanket overhead to support the shoulders if the arms do not reach the ground. 

Place a strap over the soles/balls of the feet. Hold both ends of the strap and press the feet into the strap and straighten the backs of the knees. 

Place a strap over the top of the heels of the feet. Hold both ends of the strap and press the feet into the strap and straighten the backs of the knees

Place a blanket underneath the hips to support the pelvis of one's hamstrings or lower back are tight.

Place the calves on a chair. The knees are directly over the hip joint. 

Look at the Whole Pose. 


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