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Utthita Parsva Hasta Pandangustasana

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Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
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Geometry: Stand in Utthita Hasta Padangustasana with the leg to the side. The torso and standing leg are in tadasana and the outer right leg is in line with the torso. The right arm is stretched straight to hold the right big toe.

Primary Actions: Press the four corners of the feet to lift the kneecaps and press the standing thigh back. Extend the outer hip down as you extend through the outstretched right leg. Draw the armbone back as you pull on the right big toe and move the shoulderblades into the back to lift the chest.

Press down through the outer hip to outer edge of the foot as you draw up from the inner edge of the foot twards the inner groin and lengthen the entire standing leg.

Reach out through the right foot as you press the thigh bone towards the back of the thigh. Maintain that as you draw the outer right hip towards the floor.

As you hold the big toe of the right foot, begin to pull the toes as you draw the outer hip down. Keep that length on the side body as you extend the leg to the side as in Upavistha Konasana.

Lift up from the pubis to the navel and from the navel to the sternum.

Pull the fingers of the right hand on the foot as you do in UHP and draw the arm bone back and move the shoulderblade into the back to lift the chest.

Sanskrit Pronunciation: 

From Geeta Iyengar's, Yoga a Gem for Women, "All of these asanas (udana akunchara - abdominal asanas) reduce fat around the waist, the buttocks, the thighs, and the lower abdomen. The muscles in the back become firm and the hips and the abdominal organs are stregthened. The arms and the legs gain freedom of movement. They eradicate arthritis and rheumatism of ankle knee, back etc. They eradicate the sluggishness of the liver, spleen and pancreas and make them function normally. Those suffering from intestinal disorders, constipation, flatulence, disorders of the kidneys and bladder derive much benefit by the practice of these asanas. All of these postures bring strength and flexibility to the spine. Women should practice these asanas two months after delivery in order to regain strength. These asanas are a boon for the women at menopause, which causes stiffness at the pelvic joints, pain in the lower back, burning and itching sensation in the vagina."

Beginners Tips: 

Stand near a wall with standing leg hip at wall. Use your standing leg hand on the wall to balance.

Work with the knee bent at first if you are unable to straighten the leg.

Modifications and Props : 

Use the bars of a yoga wall to simulate the "grill" or windowsill. Also utthita hasta eka pada akunchanasana and utthita parsva hasta pada akunchasana are good preparations for these poses and also for ardha ( baddha) padmottanasana.

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