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Upavistha Sthitti

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Model: Dona Holleman
This pose is similar to Sukhasana (Easy Pose) in the shape of the pose, but in Svastikasana the feet are active, whereas in Sukhasana, the feet are passive.  The legs are folded in a triangle with the feet under the knees/thighs and the shins crossed in the center line. The torso is upright with the shoulders over the hips. To practice this pose, sit in Dandasana and bend the right knee and place the right foot under the left knee or lower thigh. Then bend the left knee and place the left shin in front of the right shin and the foot under the right knee or lower right thigh. 
Parvatasana in Svastikasana by Iyengar Teacher Training Yoga Del Sur
1. Sit in Dandasana 2. Bend the right knee and take the right foot under the left thigh. 3. Bend the left knee and bring the left foot under the right thigh. 4. The shinbones cross over in line with the center of the body. Each foot is placed under the opposite thigh. 5. Sit upright, Trunk Lifted, Chest Lifted, Head Straight Parvatasana 1. Interlock the fingers, rotate the palms out, extend the arms and raise the arms above the head, upper arms in line with the ears. 2. Stretch the arms towards the ceiling.
Virasana Credit: Iyengar Teacher Training Yoga Del Sur
1. Kneel on the floor keeping the knees together, but keeping the feet wider than hip width apart. 2. Rest the buttocks on the floor but not the body on the feet. 3. The inner side of each calf against the outer side of each thigh. 4. Keep the toes pointing back and extended on the floor. 5. Extend the palms on the soles of the feet. 6. Gaze forward.
Myra Dionisio in Siddhasana
A Siddha is one who has acquired supernatural powers through penance.  1. Sit in Dandasana. Bend the left leg, hold the left heel and place it near the perineum. The sole of the left foot placed on the right thigh.  2. Bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left ankle; the heel of the right foot should be placed near the pubic bone.  3. Lift the lower abdomen so it does not press on the heel. 4. Stretch both arms. Place the backs of the wrists on the knees. Keep the palms open. Breathe evenly.
Credit: YogaXTC.com
1. Place a blanket on the floor. Sit upright on the blanket, with the legs stretched straight out in front of you. 2. Thighs together. Feet together. Toes pointing straight towards the ceiling. 3. Sit evenly on the sit bones. Distribute the weight evenly across both buttocks. 4. Press the back of the knees to the floor. 5. Place the hands by the side of the hips with the arms straight. Roll the shoulder bones back. 6. Lift the spine, abdomen and trunk. Lift the sternum.  7. Neck and Head are straight. Gaze at eye level.
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