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Erich Schiffmann on Yoga, Technology, Consciousness

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Erich Schiffmann

Erich Schiffmann is a Yoga Master who does not shy away from technology; rather, he embraces it and utilizes it to its fullest and highest potential. When he wanted to make a yoga DVD to follow up on the huge success of Yoga: Mind and Body with Ali MacGraw (in which he was the featured teacher), he did not go looking for producers and a film crew. Instead he bought a video camera, microphone, and the editing software to make it himself. Several years later, he is now the producer/editor/cameraman/featured yogi of eight highly-acclaimed DVDs and multiple audio CDs.

The internet has also provided many avenues for Erich to share his teachings: he is a participant and the primary motivation for the Moving Into Stillness Message Board (which has over 2000 registered members), he records most of his teacher trainings and workshops, making important clips and interactions available on iHanuman. Erich is excited about technology's ability to facilitate communication and sharing around the world, regardless of geographic distance, as well as the experience of connection that that fosters. But he sees a deeper meaning behind its origin and its existence at this moment in time:

œLike the internet, technology is getting better and better and better. The technology is obviously linking the planet. But I'm thinking the technology is arriving concordant with the awareness of unity consciousness. The technology is not coming first, and then our minds are getting it. It's more like all the yogis of the past who have been experiencing unity consciousness have initiated a momentum that is beginning to be evidenced as technology. Which will make those who are not experiencing the unity start getting it more. The technology will follow our open-mindedness. I'™m excited. We live in this wild, awesome, exciting moment. Things are accelerating so fast and change is happening so fast.


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