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April 2021: Hope and A Clear Vision of the Future


The spring is a powerful time of year. We watch in awe as green sprouts out of the ground and buds burst on spring-blooming trees. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spring is governed by the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver is our decision maker. If the Liver is not functioning well, we lack the ability to make clear decisions. In TCM, the eyes are the external organ of the Liver, so we might encounter vision problems, if our Liver is out of order. The Liver is not only related to our physical vision, but also our metaphorical vision. When someone has difficulty envisioning the future or has no vision for her life, we look to the Liver to bring about change. Leaders can "lack vision", be "short-sighted" or "turn a blind eye". Our wood energy is healthy if our vision is clear and unobstructed and our perceptions, plans and decisions are balanced and accurate.

There are several herbs as well as yoga practices to soothe an overactive Liver or stimulate a sluggish one. One of my favorite tonics for the Liver is Lemon Water, as sour is the flavor of the season. I am always making vinaigrette with lemons so I put my washed organic lemon halves in a 1/2 gallon ball jar and put in the fridge overnight. It's ready in the morning and you can drink it cold or room temperature. It's delicious! Make it as sour as you like, by adding more lemons.

With Hope and a Clear Vision for the Future,

Sara Agelasto
CIYT, C-IAYT, Clinical Herbalist
Co-Founder of iHanuman

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