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December 2011: Standing Hip Opening Sequence and 25% December Music Selections

It is that time of year again... Time to come back deeply to ourselves. We shed our autumn skin and now is the time to be with what truly is. Winter, the most Yin time of Year, is Dark, Cold, and Emotional. It is also receptive, feminine, and intuitive.Traditionally this is a time for Retreat. Unfortunately, most of us find ourselves torn between gearing up for the holidays and physiologically slowing down. As we move towards the shortest day of the year, we encounter the Water Element of Winter; a time to nourish our deepest essences, gestating for the weeks leading back towards the light; a time of deep contemplation. What will you contemplate this season? iHanuman is contemplating our new website and how to make your experience even better with the newest incarnation. We may ask your participation and your patience over the next several weeks as we make our transition. In gratitude for your continued support over the course of our fifth year, we have a few offerings, a new video of a standing Hip Opening Sequence From the Studio Series. And A Special 25% OFF our new music selections for the month of December ONLY. See below for more details.

New Video: Standing Hip Opening Sequence: From the Studio with Hilary Steinitz Filmed as Part of Our From the Studio Series, Hilary Steinitz challenges us with a 20 minute Standing Hip Opening Sequence. Hilary is a creative writer and teaches Vinyasa Yoga every Sunday morning at Studio 206 in Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. A Download of the full class will be available in the new download store in 2012! 

December Download Deal! 25% off New Indian Ledge Music Downloads! iHanuman brings you authentic and traditional music for your yoga practice on ( and off ) the mat. These tunes will enhance, not distract, your practice. Listen to free samples and download the albums at 25% OFF their original cost Available for December ONLY! One of our gifts to you this season. Listen and Download Now!

Calling All Yogis!: Our new website will integrate the Online Asana Index and the Online Sanskrit Guide. Help us build our encyclopedia of Yoga! Submit photos to be featured on Our Index. Currently seeking Vrksasana and Adho Mukha Vrksasana. Upload Photos to Facebook and Tag them iHanuman! Or become a member and Upload Directly Now!

Thanks for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman. We appreciate your continued support. Namaste.

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