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iHanuman Newsletter July 2010

We have now come to the midpoint of the year, the hottest time of the year, the longest days of the year, the peak of the summer. During these transitional times of year, is the ideal time to rest, cleanse, and reflect on where we are and where we see ourselves headed. Read this beautiful post written by iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Sara Avant Stover, which helps us to formulate an action plan for our goals, dreams and passions.

We are happy to have accomplished three of our big goals this year.

1. Providing High Quality Monthly Audio and Video Content and Weekly Articles on the Ancient Science and Art of Yoga.�Â�  This month's features is Yoga, Poetry and Music. Sit down by a cool stream and listen to this meditative piece.

2. Releasing Our First Compilation of Music for Yoga, Meditation and Bodywork. Check it Out!

3. Reaching our halfway point to Our FIRST 108 teachers. We are offering a special lifetime membership to iHanuman for our first 108 teachers. Tipping us over the balance is this month's Featured Teacher, Amrita Donna Davidge. Are you or someone you know wanting to join? What are you waiting for?

We hope all is well with you and we hope you will share with us your goals and passions for the second half of the year, as well as your recommendations for how we can make your experience with iHanuman richer and more enjoyable.

Contact Us or Leave a Comment on Our website.

We LOVE to hear from you.

"Thank you for helping to build the bridge with iHanuman."

Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, iHanuman.com

New Feature: Mystical Nature Poetry with Gerry Ramakrishna Sackett and Sam Eberle

Featured Music Selection: Music for Yoga, Bodywork and Meditation Compilation Dedicated to Ganesh

Featured Audio Classes: Matt Harris Live Class Downloads

Featured Teacher: Donna "Amrita" Davidge

Herbal Corner: Cool Down with Peppermint Tea

Photo Credit: NganGuyen


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