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iHanuman Newsletter June 2009

John SchumacherHappy Summer Solstice! Just as we asked you to invoke the goddess last month, the longest day of year begs us to inspire the fire inside that is masculine energy. Yang energy is strong, aggressive and passionate. It is the fiery energy of summer.

Spiritually, we can practice tapas or discipline, austerity and consistency. Burn your internal fire to overcome difficulties and purify yourself to cleanse the toxins and feel your personal best level of health and vitality.

This month, we are honored to offer you a Discussion on Health with Iyengar Yoga Teacher, John Schumacher. John's Winter 2009 Live Yoga Classes are now available, as well as 3 new Master Classes with Stephanie Keach. In upcoming issues, we have new video downloads from Senior Anusara Yoga Teacher, Betsey Downing.

Happy Summer!
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