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Research Shows Gratitude Improves Mental Health & Wellbeing. Free Beginner Yoga Series & 20% OFF All Pranayama Classes.


Interestingly, if you execute a search for the word gratitude, some of the top results are links to research by academic institutions such as Harvard Medical School. Research has been conducted on the beneficial effects of gratitude on our health and wellbeing and has shown that by expressing gratitude, you decrease the focus on negative emotions and report improved mental health. Gratitude research has also shown long lasting positive effects on brain scans.

Gratitude is in line with our yoga practice as it brings us right into the present moment. We are typically grateful for something that we already have instead of focused on the past or the future. Gratitude acts similarly to one of the antidotes in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to the fluctuations of the mind. Sutra 1.33 emphasizes expressing compassion, friendliness and happiness to cultivate a favorable disposition of the consciousness.

The holidays may be difficult for many. This is one of the reasons why we practice. So we have the tools for when the present moment is uncomfortable or challenging. Take care of yourself this week. Make time for your yoga and meditation practice in the midst of the travel and togetherness. Make time for your gratitude practice. According to the research, by consciously cultivating gratitude your health and well being may improve.

We have a few offerings to share with you this season including a Free Introductory Series and our Annual Sale on Pranayama Classes. Use Coupon Code BREATHE for 20% OFF all Pranayama Classes in November.

Gratitude Research from Harvard Medical School: We are so grateful for our community!

Introduction to Pranayama with John Schumacher: Autumn is an ideal time to focus on Pranayama. Try this hour-long practice Pranayama: Preparations and Beginnings with John Schumacher to help you get started. This class is broken down into several short recordings.  Practice with Pranayama: Preparations and Beginnings Now!

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