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Stay Grounded in the Transition from Late Summer to Early Fall

I have to admit, I was dragging my feet on sharing a monthly newsletter, which we have done monthly since we launched over a dozen years ago! It happens sometimes, writer's block sets in, and in my experience, I just have to push through it. To be honest to some degree, I have not felt much like sharing on social media at all since the pandemic started. Mostly, because everything feels so uncomfortable, unusual & unsettled during this time.

Everything seems to be moving in slow motion and yet there is so much going on. Thankfully, we have our consistent yoga practices to rely on. There is now a plethora of live-streamed and recorded yoga available that there is always something to draw inspiration from for our practice and teaching. I have enjoyed participating in therapeutic yoga teacher trainings with two skilled Iyengar Yoga Therapists - Bobby Clennell and Marla Apt. 

However, it is also important that we stay grounded with our practice and with our regular teachers. It can be very tempting to want to try a new class with a new teacher every week or even every day! And while this is an opportunity for us during this time, it can be a bit untethering to bounce from teacher to teacher and from class to class.

Particularly now, as we enter the late summer and early fall season of Earth (one of my personal favorite seasons) that we stay close to our own practice, commit to our teachers and Dig Our Well Deep.

In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of FREE resources for you to work with yourself, your family, and your students during this time. Please reference our resources below and share with us what practices are inspiring you during this time. We would love to hear from you.

With Love,
Sara Agelasto


Covid-19 Recovery: A Suggested Yoga Programme: The IY(UK) Therapy Committee has created a video and compiled a booklet with a suggested yoga program to support recovery from Covid-19. The aim of this yoga program is to play some role in aiding the process of recovery. By only requiring the use of mostly basic props and furniture, we have tried to make the poses as accessible as possible for everyone. View the Suggested Yoga Program Now.

Iyengar Yoga Sequence for the Respiratory System:The following sequence maintains a healthy respiratory system. It may also be practiced when the respiratory system is compromised due, for example, to the Covid-19 virus. If the symptoms are severe, practitioners should avoid the poses indicated. The order of the poses is not written in stone and can be varied and/or the sequence can be truncated. View the Respiratory Sequence Now.

Standing Poses for Strength & StabilityWe have said it before and we will say it again, one consistent way to ground yourself is through practicing Standing Poses. iHanuman has several classes that focus on Standing Poses.  Lois Steinberg's Introduction to Asana Series and John Schumacher's Level 1 Classes are great starting places for standing pose instruction. Browse Our Store for More Suggestions!

Standing Pose Sequences in Our Asana IndexBrowse Our Asana Index for Sequences Created by World-Class Teachers. Search for Specific Poses AND Create Your Own Sequence to Use In Classes and Share with Your Students.

FREE Class with Jennifer Kagan:Enjoy a Free Restorative Class for Building the Immune System with One of Our Latest Teachers!

Technical Support During This Transition: Now that many of you and your studios are comfortable providing classes live online. You have the potential to create another revenue stream by creating the absolute best recordings you can and distributing. Sign Up for a FREE iHanuman Teacher Account and Distribute Your Recorded Classes Online. We would love to help you. Create A Free iHanuman Account Now!

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