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Gratitude Day 5 : Yoga Workshops with Your Teacher

I am thankful to be attending a yoga workshop today with one of my teachers. He may not exactly know yet that I consider him to be one of my teachers, because I actually do not see him very often and have only taken a few classes with him. But I am blessed to listen to his live classes on iHanuman.

We started iHanuman partly for this reason. It is like falling in love. Sometimes you cannot help who you fall in love with and the same thing goes for teachers. Sometimes you cannot help finding your teacher even though he or she may live in another state or another country. Listening to downloads is one way to stay in touch when you cannot attend a regular class. How wonderful!

But nothing can replace actual feedback on your practice. Your teacher is the only one who can point out your weaknesses and strengths. I am sure I will share some insights from the weekend over the next couple of days.

Who are your teachers? How do you stay in touch with them?


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