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The DNC's Challenge: Can You Walk the Yoga Talk?

As a yogi, the question is no longer, "What advanced pose can I do?", but "Can I walk my talk?"
In other words, can you live your yoga?
This is the challenge and the opportunity. Especially here at the DNC, where wheeling and dealing is the name of the game and the decisions of a few affect many.
Opening the Conversation
At a dinner party two months ago a friend brought a controversial (and important) topic to a table of yogis.
"How is everyone planning on getting involved in the elections this year?" he probed.
Having just moved back to the USA and scrambling to simply find a place to live, I was in full-on survival mode and unsure of how I wanted to answer his question.
I replied (rather lamely, I admit), "I just got my Colorado driver's license and registered to vote" I knew I had more to say, but wasn't quite ready.
Until today.
This morning on my early morning commute from Boulder to Denver, I was finally able to continue that conversation with myself...
Continuing the Conversation
Out of breath from rushing to catch the bus, I knew that my challenge this week is to stay connected to my heart--not to mention simply trying to stay healthy in such a frenetic environment.
While a spacious daily practice of yoga and meditation is out of the question for now, living my yoga in every moment is not.
Running on adrenaline (and very little sleep), I settled into my bus seat. For the next forty minutes en route to Denver, I closed my eyes, turned away from the buzz of my thoughts, and entered the rhythm of my breath.
Walking the Talk
Now it's just past lunchtime at the Huffington Post Oasis, where frenzied delegates, media gurus, and curious conventioneers seek solace by slugging live 'Monkey Drinks' (dark green, leafy veggies blended with banana and kiwi) and noshing on cacao nibs.
Lots of paparazzi are passing through, some of whom walk the yoga talk, and others who aspire to.
Larry Brilliant (director of Google's philanthropic arm and Barbara Marx Hubbard (noted futurist) soaked in the Oasis vibe late yesterday afternoon.
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