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How to Be Happy In Hard Times

One of the magazines that I subscribe to is "Body + Soul"--because it is beautiful to look at AND it has really great articles. I recently read an article in one of the issues called "Happy in Hard Times," by Frances Lefkowitz. And, since one of my passions is on the pursuit and emergence of happiness, I of course gave it a read.
The author gives 7 essential tips to rebound from a setback--super important for all of us! How to we get back on our feet after a bad fall? How do we stand in our own power again instead of playing the victim? (And, yes, sometimes it does feel good to wallow and wimper, we just don't want to hang out in that place for too long!).Here's what she says:
1. Worry Well - Face fear and anxiety head-on. Distinguish productive worry from unproductive worry. Write them down and challenge them. Is getting a roommate to help pay the rent really the worst thing possible? Would it really kill you to tell your friend what' bothering you about your conversation last week?
2. Practice Expansion - Rather than tightening up when bad news hits, stay expanded. Focus on your body and take a full, deep breath. Even spread your arms out wide to stretch out your chest. Consciously relax where you feel yourself tightening.
3. Look for the Lesson - There's ALWAYS a lesson. What is it? Look for the golden nugget about how this situation is really helping you grow into your fullest potential.
4. Develop Resilience - Don't dwell endless in anger! Learn to feel it and move on. The key is awareness. Become aware of how you are feeling, below your thoughts, in your body. Meditation helps cultivate this. Learn to dive deep, below the waves.
5. Take Advantage of Downtime - You know I'm a big fan of this one. If you unexpectedly lose your job or end a relationship and find yourself
with a lot of free time on your hands--use it to your advantage. Learn to knit, write that novel, paint.
6. Tap Your Resources - In the best of times, a strong social life increases our health, happiness, and longevity; and, in the worst of times, that
network acts as a crucial stressbuster. Reach out to others! Build your support network!
7. Help Someone Else - Don't wallow in self pity. Reach out and take action. Help others who are suffering. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or elderly community. Get out there!
To your happiness,
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