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The Next Step

Learn how to take the leap from teaching classes to leading workshops.

By Sara Avant Stover

Are you the kind of teacher who always finds yourself ending class 10 minutes late? Do you know your teaching routine so well that you could almost do it in your sleep? Or do you keep a list of topics that you would  like to develop and share but can't seem to fit into your regular drop-in classes?

It sounds like it could be time to take the leap from teaching classes to holding workshops, or longer, more in-depth classes. Some teachers might cringe at the prospect because they have stage fright, while others are turned off by the assessment that workshops, once a rarity, have now seemingly become a dime a dozen. But don't let fear stand in your way if something inside of you yearns for the opportunity to delve deeper with your students.

However, before you plan your first workshop, investigate your motives, clarify your content, bolster your confidence, and glean advice from seasoned workshop presenters so that you can take your teaching career to the next level.

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