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The Deeper Pull

Finding "the deeper pull of what you truly love" is the underbelly of what I teach. A lot of people might think it is self-indulgent to follow our passion, to work when we want to work, to rest when we need rest. But following our heart's deepest desire energizes us to "work tirelessly for the greatest good." Instead of struggling through our days trying to meet a set of ill-defined standards, waiting for things to get better, we can LIVE. But we have to choose to live free. The moment won't demand it. Life won't say to us, "You must be here, you must enjoy yourself, you must take advantage of every opportunity to choose joy." We have to do our part. We have to meet life part way. Not half way. Not even close to half way. Life gives us ALL, and we are required only to open our hands, hearts and minds to receive, to say yes. Yes, I will participate; yes, I'll show up; yes, I'll choose an open heart over a closed one; yes, I'll do my part. Yes I will trust in the never-ending abundance of all that I might truly need, for my highest good and for the highest good of all beings!
How? you might ask. Practice, practice, practice. Stay regular with your practice, yoga, meditation, alone or in groups. Regularity is key. Books and workshops are invaluable as well, to help re-kindle the flame, that from time to time (due to our societal conditioning) starts to fade because we are getting caught back up in the "to-do" lists. I am not saying to-do lists are not invaluable. Really it's about balance. And if each of us individually is the microcosmic mirror of this entire planet, then how can we expect to bring harmony and balance into our planet if we cannot find it within ourselves? So begin now, be "selfish" (as some would call it, not me), I call it self-nurturing, self-loving, self-improvement. Isn't the whole point of becoming "enlightened" (whatever that really means) to share that energy/wisdom with others? We've all heard it before, so here it is again, peace begins with me, joy begins right now. Why not? Fill yourself up so you can fill up others.
love, steph


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