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A dear friend who has a strong, clear and constant connection with the Central Desert Aboriginals of Australia gave this message to me. I pass it on to you.
They asked us to look into the starry night sky and bring the starlight into your eyes. Feel the light coming through the top of your head and draw the light down through your body and through your feet and root the light into the earth. They say that the earth needs intensified and descending starlight energy very badly and that we can bring it down.
A true artist can sense when he has achieved the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. In the category of "yoga rock stars" and kirtan ( a form of Indian devotional music) leaders, Jai Uttal is such an artist. I had heard his voice many times:bellowing through the speakers of the car stereo as I sped down the highway, whispering through the earphones of my iPod as I jetsetted overseas, buzzing softly in the lobby of yoga studios as I unfurled my mat. But meeting the face and the personality behind his victorious voice and eclectic melodies felt surprisingly like visiting with an old friend.
Jyotisha: The Yoga of the Cosmos
Interview with Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D
By Sara Avant Stover
She hadn't spoken to her brother in three years. Despite being a dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner and serving as Core Power's Colorado regional manager, Heather Peterson couldn't find the tools to mend this familial divide.
"All of the other work I've done to heal this relationship" she revealed, "are interesting and good, but to understand things from a larger, karmic perspective through Jyotisha (pronounced joe-teesh-ah) helped me to make bigger changes."
It's such a cliché to remark on the speedy passage of time. Nonetheless, I have to trot out the "how time flies" line to comment on the arrival this year of Unity Woods' 30th anniversary. To tell you the truth, things are tumbling by so fast and there so much going on that I might have missed noticing it altogether had I not been prompted by the ubiquitous accolades to local (and national) media star, Diane Rehm, on her 30th anniversary. That's when I said to myself, "Hey, Unity Woods has been around for 30 years, too."
Transcribed from a sermon Bo preached at the Ainsworth United Church of Christ in Portland, Oregon.
Attitude of GratitudeNovember is Gratitude Month at iHanuman. Our intention is to make gratitude a daily practice, and in an effort to set that practice in motion we are encouraging you to join us by posting something that you are grateful for every day during the month of November.
Last night I listened to an interview and meditation with Susan Piver. And it made me grateful for people who are walking a peaceful path. This is not necessarily the path of least resistance, but a commitment to listen to your own truth while being compassionate to another's. In Buddhism, All Life Is Suffering. But I have been working with one of the Yoga Sutras that was introduced to me by Judith Lasater and was repeated this past weekend in John Schumacher's workshop.
AHHH August! August brings the beginning of my favorite season of the year. The summer months are too hot and the winter months are too cold, but the end of summer and early fall are just right. My emotions are more balanced, my physical body feels more comfortable and everything just seems to flow more easily. Being out of balance can be very uncomfortable and unsettling. There are seasons of the year, cycles of the moon, transits in the sky and just periods in our lives that can bring us slightly out of balance. Two of these periods of life are Adolescence and Menopause.
Leslie Kaminoff, of the Breathing Project in New York City, found a 10 year old video of TKV Desikachar, son of Sri Krishnamacharya, and founder of the Viniyoga Tradition. This video was presumably made around the time of the publication of The Heart of Yoga. It contains a short interview in Madras, India, but the interviewer is unknown. Thanks for posting this, Leslie
Although some are talking about another 40 inches of snow this month, March is the month of the spring equinox and therefore heralds the beginning of spring. Until then, we are still in the water element and the end of the winter.
Sometimes we get carried away with backbends. They tend to be fun and energetic poses, but we also need to remember that it is still wintertime and we are slowly coming out of our caves of hibernation and what we often need is a restorative yoga practice. Most of us need this form of yoga practice much more often than we like to admit. We can become wrapped up in the physicality of yoga poses and how yoga can make us stronger and more flexible and more virile. But yoga also restores us to balance and helps us relax and truly rest our western overactive minds and bodies.
My thanks to our conference co-coordinators and my dear friends, Patricia Walden and Linda DiCarlo, for their tireless efforts and their deep devotion that made this conference possible. Thanks also to all you workers and volunteers, in front of and behind the scenes for your invaluable and essential assistance. And, of course, thanks to all of you attendees for being here. Without you there wouldn't be any conference.
This month we offer you a special interview with California Yogini, Heather Tiddens. Listening to her Interview and viewing photographs of Heather reminds us of the goddess energy present within all beings. And with Mother's Day just passing, Heather's gentle spirit is reminiscent of the nurturing energy provided by women, mothers and Earth sisters. She helps us remember the importance of being kind to ourselves, to our friends and family, and to the Earth, the ultimate nurturer.
Spring Cherry BlossomsJoyful Spring to You! The season of Spring represents the Wood Element and we are reminded with each new conscious breath; each inhalation brings a new earthy scent. If you pause, you can literally feel the earth moving beneath your feet and all around you. Buds and shoots push themselves from the ground in anticipation of the warmth and sunlight to come.
, the highly regarded Yoga teacher and Buddhist practitioner, was interviewed by The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel on her new book Insight Yoga: Integrating Yin/Yang Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. In this excellent interview they discuss Sarah's unique approach to yoga practice which she developed through her wide-ranging personal explorations into Yoga, Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, and Transpersonal Psychology. As one of today's most authentic, grounded, and spiritually mature voices in Yoga, this interview with Sarah is not to be missed.
Political MessNamaste! During the last month we've encountered many yogis, including several of us here at iHanuman, getting actively involved in the upcoming presidential election. From volunteering at non-partisan voter registration drives to community canvassing for our preferred candidates, we get to experience the incredible opportunities for growth as well as the many pitfalls of trying to join spiritual aspirations and ideals with personally invested political activism.
Yoga As MedicineNamaste! Happy Yoga Month! September is National Yoga Month.The ideal month to establish or re-establish your daily yoga practice. Find a reputable teacher in your area or visit our download store and practice with one of our world-renowned teachers.
Summer SolsticeHappy Summer Solstice! This week marks the longest days of the year. A time to open your heart to the magnificence of the sun and the masculine energies of this heavenly body. In this issue, we share with you a new feature with one of our favorite male teachers, John Schumacher and his thoughts on Yoga today after 35 years in the field and how his chosen method, Iyengar Yoga, benefits the global yoga community.
National Institutes of HealthMay Day! May Day! Sorry to sound alarmist, just trying to get your attention! It seems to be what the earth is trying to tell us this month. Wake up and bloom, flowers! Wake up and smell the flowers, people. Just wake up! There is much to celebrate in May.
Spring DahliaSpring is on the way! Breathing deeply feels like the right thing to do. Continuing to stay centered from the internal reflection of winter and beginning to feel the expansion of spring as the days stay lighter longer and the sun feels a little bit warmer each day. Spring is a great time to cleanse the body with natural herbs, teas and water and a great time to renew your commitment to your regular daily practice.
iHanumanHappy New Year Friends! Thank you for supporting us during our first year! We believe it was very successful and that 2008 will only bring more good fortune. We are starting the New Year with a satsang we recorded at the end of 2007 with Shantimayi. Satsang can be translated as "in the community of truth." What better way to start the New Year!
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