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Erich Schiffmann: The Mat As Practice For Life

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Erich Schiffmann has taught yoga and meditation for over 30 years, and is a major influence for many of today's leading teachers. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness as well as eight yoga DVDs. Erich is known throughout the yoga world as a master of creative sequencing, and for his ability to take the most complex yoga philosophy and make it accessible through simple yet profoundly insightful analogies. His primary teaching is the art of "listening for inner guidance, and daring to do as the energy guides you," both on the mat and in life. Erich lives and teaches in Santa Monica, CA and gives workshops nationally.For more information on Erich, visit his website at, as well as his iHanuman teacher page, where you can find additional video clips from this retreat.

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