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Interview with Stephanie Keach: Bandhas and The Core

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Stephanie Keach is one of today's inspiring and authentic voices in Yoga. With an uncanny ability to combine intensity with playfulness, unflinching awareness with deep compassion and humor, Stephanie blends elements of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Core Strengthening, Zen Buddhism, and ecstatic chanting into her classes, creating an experience and teaching style that is uniquely her own. After living and practicing in Southern California with some of yoga's best teachers, she and her husband Sunny moved to Asheville, NC to raise their family. Together they created the Asheville Yoga Center, where Stephanie teaches weekly classes as well as offering her highly-regarded Teacher Training Programs. The following interview was recorded on May 4, 2007, at her studio in Asheville. During this conversation Stephanie shares the story of her personal journey into Yoga, her fascination with pranayama and bandhas, her love of chanting, and how pregnancy and motherhood helped shape her practice. You can also visit her teacher page for video selections from the interview.

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