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Moving Into Stillness Workshop - Ohio

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Erich Schiffmann's "Moving Into Stillness" workshop takes you into yoga as an invitation to connect intimately with the divine that dwells within each of us. From the September 2010 workshop held in Yellow Springs, Ohio, this package includes four in-depth, unabridged discourses in yogic philosophy, techniques for exploring and inviting stillness and peace and anecdotes of Erich's own experiences with yoga and meditation. Also included are the guided meditation sessions with Erich leading you through various paths to explore your inner self and its connection to the larger world. Four unabridged, detailed practices of Erich's are also included in this package and explore a philosophic aspect that yoga is not simply a collection of techniques but more a path toward a way of life as well as practical methods for achieving asanas like Lotus pose. Additionally, dialogs with the attendees, freeform yoga sessions, savasanas and other content is included. These downloads are an excellent and compressive way to see Erich's unique and spiritual perspectives on yogic exploration of ourselves and our lives.

Erich Schiffnann Moving Into Stillness
Moving Into Stillness Workshop - Ohio
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