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Grounding – Stability Supporting Change

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Grounding is the process of becoming fully conscious of our embodiment and aware of the physical support from the earth.  During our yoga classes, we have an opportunity to shift out of ordinary modes of attention, slow down and feel this rooting process.  Grounding takes us out of our mental processes and draws us down into the body, into our location and an experience of ourselves in the moment.  Initially, as this happens we can become physically and energetically aware of releasing our weight downward towards the earth with the force of gravity and simultaneously lightening upward.  As practice in this way develops, our attention can shift from grounding to what we are feeling within our being and the sensory experiences that arise. The consistent, steady support from the ground gives us a chance to notice other aspects of what we are sensing and this reliable stability of the earth acts as backdrop as we notice our breath, our sensations and our feelings; all of which are continuously changing.

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Grounding – Stability Supporting Change
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