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Intensive Asana 08-01-2018

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For Iyengar Yoga practitioners to deepen practice, skills, knowledge, and (optional) teacher education. This week long intensive includes six asana classes and two pranayama classes. This 2.5 hour class from the intensive focuses on forward bends, twists, seated poses and arm balances as outlined in the pose list below. A minimum of two years study in Iyengar Yoga with a certified teacher required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the middle of this 2.5 hour class, 7 minutes of this class was not recorded due to a recording malfunction. We apologize for the loss but we have notes from a student who shared that the class practiced Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose) with a partner during this 7 minutes. The partner placed a rope around the front leg hip and pulled the rope down and towards the knee.  We hope that you will enjoy the rest of this class.

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