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Sensing Polarity Within Our Bodies

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Three dimensional reality creates polarity (e.g. Up/ down, left/right, heavy/light). One of the main forces in our universe, gravity, can give us a clear perception of this polarity in our living system.  Gravity is an extraordinary force of nature that meets and shapes all creatures on earth from the moment of birth.  By learning to release resistance to the gravitational force we allow ourselves to be drawn towards the ground.  Relaxing into this downward force brings a corresponding movement back up towards the sky.  This polar opposite response to the force of gravity is a natural arising that can be perceived as lightness in the body.  Throughout our practice, we continue to renew our awareness of this polarity in our bodies.  With sustained exploration, we find that this anti-gravity response, in many of the deep structures of the body, results in a sustained feeling of buoyancy and well-being, leading us back to wholeness.

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