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Majestic Yoga Studio

223 Concord Ave
CambridgeMassachusetts 02138
United States

Classes are offered for all levels from beginning to advanced. Emphasis is on core strength and flexibility and on promoting serenity. All ages are welcome!

At Majestic Yoga Studio our teachers, deeply steeped in the Tantric Yoga vision, look for the intrinsic goodness in all of our students, all things, and within ourselves. In our yoga instruction we strive to attend to each unique individual. With joyful hearts we teach every body in our small classes, therapeutic classes, workshops, and private instruction. Here, there is no standardized yoga practice. Each student must find his/her own way to yoga asanas. Movements in every pose are carefully coordinated with the breath to guide students inward. We are committed to empowering our students, building self awareness, and sharing our knowledge of neuromuscular alignment in a playful and lighthearted atmosphere. Shri.

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Yoga Studio Teachers: 
Lindsay Gibson M.S.
Hannah Emlen
Andrea Fotopoulos
Studio Phone Number: 
(617) 876-6116
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