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Universal Yoga

Andrey Lappa, Founder Universal Yoga

Universal Yoga

Universal Yoga is a unified scientific approach to achieving liberation of consciousness through a balanced application of physical, energetic and psychic practices. This system reflects Andrey Lappa's experience with spiritual teachers of the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions of the Himalayas, his decades of personal practice and research, and his belief in complete freedom and creativity in practice. 

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Asana Post

Yoga is a natural way to keep ourselves fit and active. From alleviating pain to reducing stress, there are numerous ways yoga benefits our physical and mental health. But where does one start? Here are some simple yoga poses for beginner you can start with: Tadasana (Mountain Pose) As the name suggests, this pose resembles a mountain. It helps in relaxing your mind and body and is an excellent way to release body tension and channel your energy. To perform this pose, stand with your toes and fingers in your feet upright and slowly relax them. Then, bring your feet together and experience the energy rise from your feet to your upper chest. Slowly, feel the energy move to your palms.

Journal Post

We hope you survived the New Years Celebrations relatively unscathed? So what have you learned? Not just from the holidays but from the lessons of the past year. Wintertime, the essential time of annual hibernation, is upon us and despite how our LED-powered world removes the enforcement of winter rest, we really are better served to heed her call. 
To make your trekking experience memorable you need to ease your body from fatigue and tiredness. This high impact physical routine challenges every inch of your muscles. Whether you are a professional trekker or an amateur, everyone has to go through this crunch. But the good news is you can soothe yourself from the effects. All you have to do is practice yoga. Trekking in India, trekking in Nepal or anywhere in the world yoga is the best and inexpensive course of action. Practicing yoga not only helps your body to relax and regain strength but will also help you prepare yourself for the trek. But that is not all; let’s see how yoga makes your trekking experience more memorable:
After many moons developing, building and testing the New iHanuman Yoga Media Platform, we are more than ecstatic to announce that iHanuman has evolved into its third incarnation. We so appreciate your patience and support during this huge renovation. 

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Andrey Lappa is a rare yoga master, having grown up in the former USSR. He has traveled and spent many years in India, Tibet, Nepal as well as the vast mountainous regions of his native Russia and neighboring China. He has had the opportunity to study with the living legends of the Krishnamacharya lineage - BKS Iyengar, Sri K Pattabhi Jois and TKV Desikachar.
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