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Yin Yoga

Model: Sara Stover in Gomukhasana

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a style of yoga founded by Paulie Zink. It is a synthesis he created by combining Indian Hatha yoga and several disciplines from the Chinese Taoist tradition with yoga postures and variations, movements, vocalizations, visualization techniques, and insights he developed himself. Some of the unique components Paulie Zink contributed to the amalgamation of Yin yoga include those he created independently, while other constituents include those he derived from Hatha yoga and Taoist disciplines by extrapolating upon certain aspects and principles they contain.

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Asana Post

There are aspects of yoga classes that can be pretty mystifying, from asana, to pranayama, to meditation, to mudras, and mantras. They all make up the practice of yoga, the practice, should we say, of union. Today we're looking at mantra chanting in yoga classes: the reason, the practice, and the benefits. We won’t be going over every single possible mantra and it's meaning(!) but let’s see if we can de-mystify this practice a little bit, and provide you with some more clarity on the importance of mantra chanting.

Asana Sequences

This sequence was inspired by Sarah Power's, "Yin Yoga Session for the Lung, Heart and Intestines" from her book Insight Yoga. Practice this as a restorative yin session or a more active hatha yoga sequence. The Lung and Large Intestine Meridians are found in the upper chest and arms. Practice with the intention of stimulating and balancing these meridians in your body. 

Journal Post

To be an evolved practitioner and an eminent yoga teacher, you need to undergo yoga training, and all the better if it is Nepal. Explore the article and know why to do yoga teacher training in Nepal and the opportunity the country bestows. Traverse to the land that witnesses the mystical merger of nature, spirituality, and yoga, and submerge deep into this magical world created by the country of Nepal. Renowned as the meditation capital, Nepal is an ancient yogic land of yoga that bestows you a wonderful opportunity to discover ‘self’ and form a connection with your spiritual being.
Summary: Getting a yoga mat and enrolling into a yoga class is not only about milestones you need to cover to get started with the practice. There is a lot more for you to know to do the right kind of practice. Explore the article and know what type of yoga is the best for your overall wellness.
Spark up the romantic relationship, shed pounds, strengthen the body, calm the mind, or just plain zen out by adapting yoga into your life. Yoga is an ancient holistic system of healing and preventing ailments, and its benefits just not stop on the physical attributes. Yoga is a diverse and intense concept packed with various unique aspects that aim towards a healthy life, longevity, and unification to the universal consciousness.
It's Officially Summer! AND the International Day of Yoga! In honor of these two special events, we are offering some sequences for you to enjoy on International Yoga Day, as well as a discount in our download store from today until the end of June!
Sarah PowersI could not think of a better class to start my Winter Solstice 90 days with than a kidney sequence with Sarah Powers. I consider Sarah Powers to be one of my teachers, even though I have only practiced with her in person TWICE! She came to Virginia and I followed her from Richmond to Yogaville. But this is the power of media and why we created iHanuman.


Throughout the weekend, we will focus on this rapidly growing style of yoga. The training is suitable for both yoga teachers and enthusiastic students. We will focus on the philosophy of yin yoga, the physical, mental and energetic benefits of yin yoga, anatomy of yin yoga, the twelve basic yin yoga postures, the theory of exercise, and why we don’t move. My goal for you is to be influenced and guided to explore this practice for yourself and your students. *All participants will receive a 50-page Yin Yoga manual and 14 Yoga Alliance Credit Hours are Available.

iHanuman Features

Recorded by Saraswati at the Polarity Barn in Batesville, Virginia 2011. Carrie is a graduate of Asheville Yoga Center's teacher training program. She believes that yoga is a beautiful metaphor for life, and that the infinite teachings on the mat are food for personal transformation. In this Yin Yoga sequence, Carrie teaches the deep backbending pose, Saddle. Enjoy!
Yin Yoga is a practice unlike any other yoga practice because once you find the shape of the pose, you let go of any muscular effort and the effects are profound. You can feel the access to the deeper connective tissue and the theory is that it is in the connective tissue that you begin to really flush out the meridians where prana or chi flows in the body.

Video Embed

Filmed Live during a workshop in Leesburg, Virginia on October 2, 2011. Cora Wen shares her experience of the Metal Element and the tendencies and challenges we face in our yoga practice and in our daily lives during this season of the year. More recordings from this yoga workshop will be available later this year on iHanuman.com
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