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Jaya Sat Guru

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The making of this CD was a miracle from beginning to end. The winding, humorous, magical, yet purposeful ways of The Secret One led me through this marvelous experience. It's by Grace that I was surrounded by such amazing musicians, artists, yogis and yoginis, all who have helped me to transform and find spirit through my voice.

Musician: David Garrigues, vocals & harmonium
Ramesh Dhannur, tabla
AP Srinivas, violin
AP Krishna Prasad, flute
Greg Gilmore, kartals and other percussion
Andrew Hillam, guitar on tracks 2 and 5
The heavenly chorus: Liz Chukwu, Camino Diaz, Louise Ellis, Maia Heiss, Lisette St. Louis, Magnolia Zuniga

Jaya Sat Guru - Victory to the True Self, the Great Teacher who resides as a scared flame in the cave of the heart and reveals the glorious splendor of consciousness.

Recorded by A.P. Srinivas at Resonators, Mysore India
Edited by Greg Gilmore and David Garrigues
Mixed by Greg Gilmore at The Fort, Seattle
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI, Seattle

All songs traditional, adapted and arranged or written by David Garrigues, except the introduction to Kali Durge Namo Namah, arranged by Krishna Das. For additional information, contact yogaspirals@yahoo.com

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David Garrigues Jaya Sat Guru
Jaya Sat Guru
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47 min
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