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The Yoga Room - Norfolk

1709 Colley Ave Ghent
NorfolkVirginia 23517
United States

The Yoga Room is located in the Ghent business district of Norfolk, Virginia. The Yoga Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Time Building, above The Health Food Store and Running, Etc.

The Yoga Room was created with the intention of fostering personal growth & well being for all who step into the 'room'. Classes are appropriate for a range of students - those just beginning yoga to seasoned yogis/yoginis, & those who may have taken a break & are ready to return. Personal growth & well-being are ever-evolving pursuits & the goal of The Yoga Room is to offer education & experiences in movement, breath awareness, consciousness, meditation, & spiritual practice which will ultimately promote each individual's ability to connect to his or her own true nature.

Physically, the yoga postures & breath techniques will steadily promote increased energy, stamina, concentration, resilience, & enjoyment of life. But the physical practices are only one limb of a an extremely sophisticated wisdom tradition & science of human functioning (physical, mental, & spiritual).

For 3,000 + years, yogis have carried out personal experiments leading to discoveries about how to function at maximum potential in our minds & bodies, how to end human suffering, & how to be happy & at ease in life. It has been passed along from teacher to student(s) & countries to continents employing principles & practices that virtually everyone can understand & use. The Yoga Room is a 'room' for people to gather & continue this lineage in a way that is culturally appropriate for contemporary people & times.  

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