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Can Yoga Save the World?

If people walk the eight - limbed path of yoga they do not harm, do not steal, nor do they lie. They are more clean and healthy, more moderate, more content. If the reason we walk this planet is to know God then we cannot see ourselves as separate from. When we see ourselves as separate from, it is easier to want more for our own goals, instead of being content with what is. This is a life long practice and why we return again and again to experience it. So to break free of the cycles of suffering, we practice yoga. This also means we study the scriptures or ancient texts and we seek the community of practitioners. We believe in something greater than ourselves, even if it IS the scriptures or even if it IS the larger community. This higher power might also be God or Nature, but something to which we are accountable, something bigger than ourselves.

Sometimes I think we are going to have a drastic event, but really these drastic events are happening all the time now! Ultimately the change comes one person at a time, one day at a time, one monkey at a time. At some point, we will all tip our collective consciousness in favor of the greater good. We will stop harming ourselves and our environment, but until then we are each responsible for our own piece of the puzzle.

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