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Restorative Yoga for Grief, Karma Yoga with Kofi Busia, Balance Vata and Lungs & Large Intestine Sequence for Letting Go

New York Times - Melancholy

Unfortunately, the attacks on the city of Paris bring to bear an opportunity to reflect upon the emotion of the fall season, Grief. Although often uncomfortable, and in this case, completely unimaginable, Grief is another part of the cycle of the seasons of life. It represents Loss; big or small, loss of things, property, people, even death, are an inevitable part of life. In the Fall Season, we are asked to put down all of our projects and to-do lists and focus on closing out the year. We give thanks for what we did well and let go of the things that did not go well or that we hope to do better in the new year. Fall is the season to Let Go and surrender.

The organs associated with this time of year are the Lungs and Large Intestine. These organs, along with our largest organ, the skin, are responsible for releasing all of the toxins from the body. In Yoga we practice Pranayama - breath expansion, retention and release. Pranayama practice brings increased oxygen into our lungs which invigorates all of the cells in our body. Exhalation releases excess carbon dioxide from the lungs.

The Large Intestine absorbs water and expels the waste from the food we take into our bodies. If the large intestine is blocked or the food we eat is not pure, one can become stagnant and eventually sick. The practice of yoga helps keep us clean and healthy on the levels of body, mind and spirit. As we continue to travel through the season of grief, pay exquisite attention to these organs of your body. In addition to the information available on our site, we offer you a sequence specifically designed to nourish your Lung and Large Intestine Meridians along with other inspiration in our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it useful in your practice this season.

With Love and Deep Respect, Our Prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Paris.
Sara Miles Pope Agelasto
Co-Founder, iHanuman

Latest Asana Sequence: Lungs & Large Intestine Fall Sequence - This sequence is inspired by Sarah Power's, "Yin Yoga Session for the Lung, Heart and Intestines" from her book Insight Yoga. Practice this as a restorative yin session or a more active hatha yoga sequence. The Lung and Large Intestine Meridians are found in the upper chest and arms. Practice with the intention of stimulating and balancing these meridians in your body. Help Us Build the Ultimate Asana Index! Create a FREE Account and Contribute Your Photos to our Yogi-Sourced Encyclopedia of Yoga.

Featured Download: Restorative Yoga for Grief - Cora Wen Offers a Series of Videos for Grief, Anxiety and Depression: Grief is the Emotion associated with the Fall Season, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Grief can easily manifest as anxiety or depression when left unchecked. Cora Wen offers restorative yoga poses to help you move through grief and alleviate some of the symptoms of experiencing Grief in your life. Watch a sample and download the video now!

Featured Teacher: Kofi Busia - About to Release a Book on Sanskrit and a Translation of the Yoga Sutras, we are honored to record another workshop with Senior Teacher, Kofi Busia. Kofi's first iHanuman Recording along with these upcoming recordings are part of our Karma Collection in which over 50% of the proceeds from the recordings are donated, in this case to the venue, Common Ground Healing Arts. Learn More about Common Ground and Listen to a Sample of Kofi's recording Now!

Sara Avant Stover - Befriending Grief on the Heroine's Journey The Book of She by Sara Stover! The second book by best-selling author and iHanuman Yoga Teacher, Sara Avant Stover, is now Available! Sara celebrates her new book with a new podcast "She Talks" and a new series called "She Stories." Don't miss out on all of the fabulous free interviews with celebrated women sharing their Heroine's Journeys. Join the Conversation Now!

Ayurvedic Tip: Balance Vata This Season One of the Most Important ways to balance Vata is through Routine: Air is the dominant dosha in the fall which is easily directed by the slightest change in your daily routine. Keep yourself grounded by creating a simple daily routine which includes rising and retiring early with the sun. Take advantage of the quiet early morning hours by practicing pranayama and meditation. Drink warm teas such as Ginger, Licorice or Fennel. Eat grounding, warming oily foods such as mung beans, brown rice and winter squash. Minimize Your Exposure to Drafts, Loud Noise and Aggressive Music or Conversations. Stay warm, grounded and lubricated. Try this recipe for Coconut Sweet Potato Soup!

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